Dreamforce ’11 Update: Totally Awesome

We’ve had an amazing time at Dreamforce ’11! So much to talk about and it’s not even over! Where to begin…

Heroku and New Relic have always been close but it’s been really nice to see that partnership reinforced here at the show. On Tuesday night Lew was able to join the Heroku team at their fantastic party. Not only was the sushi excellent, but so was the conversation. And if you think it was all about next-gen platforms you’d be right…that is if you consider Oren’s AMG to fit the the definition. We also caught up with Byron and had a great talk with Matz (the creator of Ruby) about the Ruby market in Japan.

Fast forward to Wednesday where we got underway with the show itself. We’re at two locations, CloudExpo and DevZone, and as always, we’ve had a steady stream of folks dropping by to say hi. DevZone in particular has been a great venue for us. Not only are our friends at Heroku stationed close by, but it’s also where we gave two of our three presentations.

Monitoring Java on Heroku

Abhishek and Brian rock the Heroku demo.

“Deploying and Instrumenting Web Apps on Heroku” was well attended and Brian, Abhishek and Morten did a great job. The guys showed a live demo of monitoring a Java app on the new Cedar stack. There were audible “oohs” and “ahhs” from the audience and plenty of detailed follow-up questions at the end. A bit later, Brian gave a solo talk on “The Fallacies of Distributed Computing in the Cloud Era,” which was elicited a nice round of applause at the end. Well done gentlemen! We were very pleased to see Matz come by the booth. He and our stalwart booth babe bro Darin “The Demo” Swanson talked about the possibilities for further collaboration between New Relic and the Ruby core team. Stay tuned Rubyists!


 UPDATE: Here is the video of Byron’s Presentation on YouTube.  


The keynote on Thursday was a special moment for us. As Marc Benioff was discussing SFDC‘s strategic vision, New Relic made a guest appearance on the big screen. Byron mentioned how Lew’s and Byron’s companies are working together to help shape the future of cloud computing on multi-language platforms. Woo-hoo! It was a thrilling moment for us and we were happy to be a part of it.

The show’s not over so we are excited to see what today and tomorrow will bring. If you are there, come by and see us at Kiosk #25 at Dreamforce 2011 CloudExpo and Kiosk #19 at DevZone (Moscone West) August 30-September 2 in San Francisco, CA.


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