Getting Ready for DjangoCon Europe!

DjangoCon EuropeBelieve it or not, PyCon 2013 was two (short) months ago. And those of us on the New Relic Python agent team have been very busy creating new coolness to share with the Python and Django communities at the upcoming DjangoCon Europe! We’re really looking forward to this event and are proud to be Platinum sponsors.

Right now, we’re working on full support for Tornado 3. This support will include full response time tracking, including break out times for pre-reading of request content and post flushing of buffered content. It was a fun challenge for the team to create this functionality. We were able to have transaction breakdowns and traces mark separately time spent for a request waiting for asynchronous callbacks to complete. Then the callbacks were also tracked and appeared in the timeline for transaction traces. Async for the win!


The team is also engineering away on our next big thing in Python land: Python 3 support. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.) Stop by our booth at the show and make sure to talk with us about it as we’re all interested in Django 1.6. Our plan is to get this support in time to help you identify any performance impact in transitioning to Python 3. I know we can be talked into giving a preview over some tasty Polish food!

Our biggest new feature for Python, X-Ray Sessions, rolled out just after PyCon. To get the next level of performance insight, simply run an X-Ray Session on a Key Transaction. Immediately the agent will begin to collect up to 100 Transaction Traces and a thread profiler report that aggregates across all your hosts. The X-Ray Session will show you the performance of that Key Transaction at the most detailed level possible. You can leave it running in the background and be confident that you’re collecting the most detailed diagnostics data possible. For complete details on this new feature, read the blog post from the release.

X-Ray Sessions

To follow all of the New Relic Python agent releases, keep an eye on our release web page.

New Relic at DjangoCon!
Enough about all our cool new features … more on DjangoCon! Amjith Ramanujam, from our Python team, will be speaking at DjangoCon Europe. We are honored to be included in such a great set of community thought leaders. Amjith will present a tour of different profiling techniques available for Python applications. He’ll cover specific modules in Python for doing function profiling and line level profiling. His presentation will show the shortcomings of such mechanisms in production and discuss how to do sampled profiling of specific functions. He’ll finish up the presentation with statistical profilers that use thread stack interrogation.

Make sure to find New Relic at DjangoCon and get a demo of our new features … or even better try them out for yourselves today and provide us any feedback so we can make our Python support that much more awesome!

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