Did You Know: Mongrel Restarts

Occasionally we find customers asking about nuances of how RPM works and how they can get the best usage out of it. We’ll be blogging about these most interesting features as part of our Did you know feature on this blog.

For example, one customer recently asked about the ability to see Mongrel Restarts. Here’s what he asked:

Customer Question:

“Is there a way to see mongrel restarts over time? Usage: To track down e.g. bad memory cap settings for monit/god.”

New Relic Answer:

If you select an instance as opposed to an application or hosts, the graphs will show a vertical line for each mongrel restart. As shown here:

Mongrel Restart

You can find more discussion on this topic and many other interesting RPM usage tidbits at our Support site.

Now you know! And knowing is half the battle…


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