DevOps Roundup: Gene Kim’s Future Talk, StrongOps 2.0, and More


Let’s face it: Despite the widespread adoption of DevOps among companies like Google, Amazon, and Twitter, the rest of the enterprise world is still trying to catch up. Whether you’re looking for help making the transition or are simply looking for tips to do DevOps better, you’ll get the chance to do both at New Relic’s upcoming Future Talk with Mr. DevOps himself Gene Kim.

Author of “The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win” and the upcoming “DevOps Cookbook,” Gene will be breaking down the needed practices to employ DevOps in a talk at New Relic’s Portland office on Monday, April 21 at 6pm. If you can join us, please do! And if not, check back next week for a recap and video from the talk.

So, while we’re here talking about DevOps, how about a quick roundup of all that’s happened in the world of DevOps recently? A few highlights wrangled below:

  • #ChefConf 2014 happened this week (thanks again to everyone who joined us for Happy Hour!). The keynote sessions are now posted on YouTube for anyone who couldn’t make it.
  • Microsoft’s Azure Platform got Chef and Puppet Labs integration, making it easier for enterprises to embrace DevOps. (Watch this short video about Yellow Pages Group and get inspired to make the transition!
  • Python engineer and writer Jeff Knupp boldly penned a blog post titled “How ‘DevOps’ is killing the developer,” spurring a heated debate across the blogosphere.
  • StrongLoop updated its DevOps solution, StrongOps 2.0, with several industry-first features, including run-time debugging, process and cluster management, memory leak analysis, and more.
  • We took a quick look at how retail bigwigs like Walmart, Nordstrom, and Target are increasingly adopting a DevOps approach to software development. (Further proof that DevOps continues to catch on in the enterprise.)

Asami Novak is director of content strategy and development at New Relic. Prior to joining the New Relic team, she wrote marketing and ad copy for a variety of B2B and B2C companies. Her editorial writing has appeared in WIRED and Dwell, among other publications. View posts by .

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