Research Report Says High Growth More Likely in Companies with Dev and Ops Synergy [Infographic]

How do you define the role of IT? Is it simply delivering servers, networks, or data? Or is it about much more than that, including being a driving force in a company’s overall business success?

A recent research report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) highlights this delicate dance that enterprise IT teams are having to perform as they attempt to balance business demands with the realities of day-to-day production support.

Based on data gathered earlier this year from technology pros “on the frontlines of application delivery,” the report offers all types of insight into the ways DevOps practices are shaping the future of application delivery. Here are a few highlights, along with more interesting points in the report’s accompanying infographic (below):

  • Agile development is the new norm and Continuous Delivery is the primary way dev and ops are addressing the need to accelerate delivery of new software functionality.
  • 87% of companies whose dev and ops interactions were rated as “above average” or “excellent” saw revenue growth of at least 10% in 2013. In contrast, only 13% of those reporting “average” or poorer interactions reported similar revenue growth, and many actually reported revenue decreases.
  • 93% of companies engaged in Continuous Delivery experienced revenue growth of 10% or higher last year.
  • Software testing is a gating factor preventing many companies from delivering software more rapidly.

If you want to learn more about the impact of DevOps and Continuous Delivery in today’s enterprise IT environments, download the EMA Analyst Report Summary.


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