Creator of the Paper App, FiftyThree, Captures Inspiration On the Go

Every maker or creator knows that inspiration can strike at any time. Whether you’ve got the next million-dollar idea or simply want to jot down notes about an interesting talk or presentation, FiftyThree makes it easy with its award-winning iPad app, Paper.

Paper lets users capture their ideas as digital sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings, just as one would in a physical notebook or journal. And as evidenced in a recent example that FiftyThree engineer Andrew Chan shared with us, it’s pretty awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 4.26.19 PM

Andrew attended New Relic’s FutureStack conference and used Paper to capture key takeaways from presentations given by companies like Airbnb, Twitter, Pandora, and GitHub. We were thrilled he was able to join us and give us an in-person demo.

For the last nine months, FiftyThree has been a part of the pre-beta program for New Relic’s Node.js agent. Paper uses Node.js as its server-side code for enabling features like the in-app Made With Paper stream and the account system for ordering custom-printed Moleskines of Paper creations.

You can learn more about how New Relic is helping FiftyThree monitor the performance of its Node.js environment in this case study.

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