Compare performance over time with New Relic RPM

Mom always told us that “change is part of life”. But what she never mentioned was this is especially true if you are the one responsible for keeping your Rails application running smoothly.

New Relic follows up on Mom’s advice by helping Rails developers use time comparisons to see what has changed. Day-to-Day time comparisons are available at the Bronze subscription level for RPM. These are useful when you’ve deployed new code and want to compare how your app was performing immediately prior (the day before) to immediately after (the day after) your deployment. Often decisions can be made very quickly about whether to leave the code in production based on this type of comparison.

RPM Silver adds Week-to-Week comparisons. This is helpful for companies running sites with weekly “seasonality”. For example, The New Relic Rails application always has more active users during the week (when our customers are rabidly chasing down performance bottlenecks) than on the weekend (when they are snowboarding). In this case, comparison of Monday to Monday or Saturday to Saturday may be more valuable.

This demo will give you a good understanding of how to use the Time Comparison features of RPM. Have a look!

check out the full size demo.'

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