Community News: Why Waiting Is Torture, How GitHub Keeps Their Site Fast and More

In this week’s news, we look at why waiting for anything is torture, what tools GitHub uses to keep their website fast and more.

* GitHub shares their strategy for keeping their website fast.

* Etsy discusses the hardware behind their site.

* The New York Times looks at why waiting is torture.

* Joshua Bixby explains what Millennial’s expect in web performance.

* Steve Sounders describes three keys to a faster web app.

* Jesse Dearing gives an introduction to Chef.

* Love it or hate it, Internet Explorer has been a driving force of innovation on the Internet.

* Developer Mario Visic looks at Rails HTTP streaming.

* Evan Selinger asks if impatience is a digital virtue.

* Matt Farina looks at why the jQuery constructor creates lots of extra jQuery objects and why that affects your application’s performance.'

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