Community News: Why Speed Is Essential For a Great Web Experience

In this week’s news, we get web performance tips from Joshua Bixby, Frank Dennis, Mike Belshe and Andy Davies.

* Andy Davies shares his slides on why speed is essential for a great web experience.

* Fast Company shows how Instagram uses coding tricks to deliver a great user experience.

* Find out why Twitter recently took back control of their frontend performance by moving their rendering back to the server.

* Joshua Bixby explains why the average web user wastes two days a year waiting for pages to load.

* Frank Dennis examines why most sites optimized for mobile devices are focusing on screen size without paying attention to performance.

* Randall Degges takes a humorous look at Heroku.

* Mike Belshe contends that the web only works thanks to reload and that’s why the mobile web fails.

* Strangeloop illustrates the increasing size and complexity of the average web page.'

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