Community News: Tying Web Performance Data to Human Behavior, Videos from #BldWin and More

In this week’s news, we learn how to tie web performance to human behavior, check in on the Build Windows Conference and more.

* Mike Brittain gives us a behind the scenes look at Etsy’s mobile and web performance challenges.

* SOASTA’s Buddy Brewer looks at how you can tie web performance to human behavior.

*Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business, demos New Relic in his keynote from the second day of #BldWin.

* In his Build Windows presentation, Jatinder Mann shares 50 performance tricks to make your HTML5 apps faster.

* Guy Podjarny looks at the negative impact responsive web design can have on your site’s performance.

* When it comes to web performance, does one size really fit all?

* Hurricane Sandy takes down data centers across the Northeast.

* Ariya Hidayat tells you how to take your JavaScript code analysis to the next level.

* Chris Love shares image tricks you can use to optimize your web performance.

* This tutorial shows you how to set up New Relic on 30loops.'

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