Community News: The Need for Instant Gratification and More

This week we examine what performance users really expect from their web and mobile apps, what causes new programming languages to succeed or fail, and more.

* Bruce Lawson tells us what users are really looking for in mobile apps.

* Neil McAllister from InfoWorlds examines why new programming languages succeed or fail.

* Rafael Chacón describes how he set up a Closure app in Heroku using New Relic.

* This interesting infographic illustrates the importance of fast web and mobile app performance.

* Drupal luminary Kris Buytaert explains the results of Intuits’ recent Devops and Drupal survey.

* Graeme Rocher shows how to deploy Grails applications into the Cloud.

* Straight from PyCon, this video shows the goals for PyPy.

* Rackspace adds more open source talent to its cloud services and hosting team.

* Blitz describes how you can overlay New Relic data on their standard response time charts.'

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