Community News: Tech tips from YouTube, Bitly and Heroku

It’s Friday and time for another community news round up. This week we find out how YouTube scaled their site with really simple tools, hear more from Adron Hall, and find out how Heroku manages high availability.

* Mike Solomon, one of YouTube’s original engineers, demonstrates how the video-sharing site uses really simple tools to do cool suff.

* Adron Hall talks NoOps, AppOps and DevOps with Silicon Angle.

* Data Scientist Hilary Mason describes how Bitly uses link shortening to understand what the world is paying attention to in real time.

* Gartner predicts the future of the SaaS market.

* Alexander Podelko discusses performance testing and optimization for the cloud.

* Forbes magazine features an interview with GitHub co-founder and CEO Chris Wanstrath.

* Heroku demonstrates explains how they manage high availability.

* Cloud Foundry improves their support for Ruby applications.

* Developer Nick Shobe shows how Lewis and Clark College used agile development to redesign their search engine.

* Nicola Merouse describes the current state of Ruby concurrency.'

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