Community News: Speeding up the Mobile Web and More

In this week’s community news, we get tips for speeding up the mobile web, ask why eCommerce sites are slower than last year and more.

* Steve Souders looks at how fast we really are in his slides from the HTML5 Conference.

* The Web Performance Today podcasts talks CDNs with guest Aaron Peters.

* Adams Wiggins, CTO and Co-Founder of Heroku, publishes an extensive FAQ on routing and web performance on Heroku.

* Anselm Hannemann describes why he uses a CDN for static files on GitHub.

* Harry Roberts has a few tips for designers and developers to make their frontends even faster.

* Joshua Bixby wonders why eCommerce sites are slower than they were last year.

* Johan Johansson shares tips for making your website faster on mobile devices.

* Intechnica looks at the worst 15 web performance nightmares and the damage they caused.'

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