Community News: Scaling Pinterest, New Relic Power Features and More

In this week’s news, we learn how Pinterest scaled their site, hear about three New Relic power features you might not have known about and more.

* Rails Machine explains how to use New Relic with Campfire.

* Pinterest engineers, Yashh Nelapati and Marty Weiner, describes the trials and tribulations of defining the technology stack behind the virtual pinboard site.

* Guy Podjarny explains why HTTP Pipelining is gaining renewed interest.

* Our own Chris Kelly details three New Relic power features you may not know about.

* Jonathan Klein shows how you can use RUM to measure the benefits of using a CDN.

* cloudControl shows how you can run load tests with New Relic and

* Ilya Grigorik why latency, not bandwidth, may be the constraining factor behind your site’s slow performance.

* Joe Angus shows how to speed up your site be slashing the time it takes to execute your JavaScript.

* Find out how Bleacher Report is preparing for an avalanche of Olympic traffic.

* From our webinar with Engine Yard, get six tips for improving your Ruby application performance.'

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