Community News: Regaining Control of CDNs and DevOps Best Practices

In this week’s community news, we learn how to regain control of CDNs and get best practices for DevOps.

* Joshua Bixby explains how to regain control of your site’s third-party content.

* Guy Podjamy share his slides on the performance implications of mobile design from his presentation at the San Francisco Web Performance Meetup.

* Amazon updates its Cloudfront CDN to handle dynamic, interactive web content.

* High Scalability compiles a list of the top 20 performance bottlenecks.

* Sasha Goldstein describes how to fit time for performance in the software development lifecycle.

* Steve Sounders explains why you should start creating your mobile presence as a web presence.

* John Allspaw, VP of Operation at Etsy, has some interesting insights into how good DevOps keeps you shipping your product.

* Patrick Debois, co-author of the upcoming DevOps Cookbooks, shares best practices for codifying DevOps.'

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