Community News: Reflections on RailsConf and More

In this week’s news, we share slides from RailsConf, look at the business of speed and get four important web performance lessons for SMBs.

* Google engineer Ilya Grigorik shares how Google is making the web faster, one Rails page at a time.

* Joshua Bixby is back to discuss the business of speed and why web performance optimization is an institutional need.

* Brad Frost asks what is more important for a better mobile experience: responsive web design or optimizing site performance.

* Engineer and author, Max Kanat-Alexander, explains the benefits of simple code and why it is worth the effort it requires.

* James Edward Gray II describes ten things you may not know Rails can do.

* This video from Cloud Computing Development shows how to build your first Node.js app on Heroku.

* Developer Justin Rusbatch introduces Compilify, a .NET compiler you can run from your web browser.

* Strangeloop explains four important web performance lessons for SMBs.

* Level 3 Communications looks at the business side of web performance.

* Michael Farley’s RailsConf presentation shows how to use Ruby to add new features to Ruby itself.'

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