Community News: Predictions for 2013, Secrets of Facebook Performance & More

In this week’s news, we find out how Facebook approaches release engineering, how Evernote solves its Big Data problem, and what trends lie in store for 2013.

* The DevOps Zone discovers how Facebook pushes twice daily to over 1 billion users.

* Evernote reveals how it serves billions of API requests generated by its online application.

* Akamai explains why it’s time to pay attention to situational performance measurement.

* Steve Souders tells you what’s driving the web performance conversation right now. Elsewhere, he argues that performance metrics should capture render time.

* Strangeloop unveils 12 bold predictions affecting web performance in 2013.

* 24 Ways insists that responsive design and high performance shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

* Stephen Pierzchala identifies three strategic questions for online businesses in 2013.

* Addy Osmani gives a tutorial on how to improve performance with Chrome DevTools.

* Stoyan Stefanov shows what Facebook has done to make the “Like” button faster.

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