Community News: Porting New Relic to Drupal 7 and More

This week we find out how to port New Relic integration to Drupal 7, learn why Joomla is making inroads into the enterprise, and more.

* Amazon CTO Werner Vogel describes why Amazon Web Services wants to support a thousand platforms.

* shows how to port New Relic integration to Drupal 7.

* Sam Saffron produces his ultimate list of web performance tools and resources.

* 37signals explains how they use event capturing to improve Basecamp page load times.

* Pablo Molnar from Mercado Libre shares slides from his presentation on key New Relic APIs.

* Adrian Cockcroft defines Netflix’s Ops, DevOps and NoOps strategies.

* Our friends at Heroku produce another great case study, this time on mutual customer Rapportive.

* EMC announces their acquisition of Pivotal Labs.

* The development team at OMGPOP share more tips for using New Relic, Redis and Resque.

* InfoWold explains why enterprises are embracing the Joomla open source content management system.'

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