Community News: Performance Metrics from a Social Network and More

In this week’s news, we look at how social media site Fashiolista manages its app performance, revisit the browser wars and more.

* Thierry Schellenbach explains how Fashiolista manages its app performance.

* Code School launched its latest release of Rails for Zombies.

* Strangeloop revisits the browser wars to see which one dominates at work and at home.

*James Governor’s argues it’s the data, stupid.

* Joshua Bixby asks how do you calculate developer ROI?

* Our own Graham Dumpleton shares his slides from his PyCon AU session on debugging live Python web applications.

* Kristiono Setyad shares tips for making your code neater and your life easier.

* Steven Lott describes how he tuned the performance of a Python app to make it run in 1/100th of the time.

* Brad Frost looks at the performance of Obama’s and Romney’s mobile websites.'

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