Community News: Notes on scalability, how to fix problematic deployments, the state of PHP and Java, and more

This week we get notes about scalability, how to fix problematic deployments, and the state of PHP and Java in 2012.

– Diaspora describes their migration to Backbone.js for better performance.

– Jeremiah Peschka gives us some notes on scalability.

– CloudBees discusses better integration between Jenkins and GitHub.

– Lindsay Holmwood shows us how to instrument monitoring checks with New Relic.

– A recent Gartner survey talks about the impacts of the consumerization of IT.

– Server vendor Zend Technologies finds that PHP is still going strong.

– Manish Pandit describes IGN’s experience with Scala.

– Programmer Randall Degges tells us how to fix problematic deployments on Heroku.

– Our own Brian Doll comments on the state of Java and the JVM in 2012.

– IT consultant Patrick Debois discusses application and user metrics.

– Jared Carroll of Carbon Five asks if Rails apps need service layers.'

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