Community News: Multi-Device Adaptation vs. Optimization

In this week’s community news, we look at responsive web design, revisit the Windows web browser wars and find out how much data is generated every minute.

* Ilya Grigorik gives tools, tips and lessons for building a faster web.

* DOMO’s latest infographic illustrates how much data is generated every minute.

* Lifehacker revisits the Windows web browser wars.

* NetFlix explains how the architecture, code base and operations have evolved and adapted to its new cloud-based environment.

* Joshua Bixby share his video from the 2012 Content Delivery Summit about how a combined CDN-plus-FEO solution delivers a powerhouse performance boost.

* Dave Roberts, SVP of Strategy and Evangelism at ServiceMesh, explains how to get DevOps right.

* IBM’s Sequoia overtakes Fujitsu as the world’s fastest supercomputer.'

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