Community News: Monitoring Alfresco with New Relic, slowing down the speed of change and more

In this week’s roundup, we check in on the 2012 presidential election, get tips from New Relic users, and find out what Oracle has in store for Java.

– Find out how a candidate’s website performance correlates to their success in the 2012 elections.
– Jan Pfitzner describes how he uses New Relic to monitor Alfresco.
– Robert Scoble explains why he thinks the speed of change is slowing down in 2012 in this post from Business Insider.
– Robyn Weisman compares WordPress to DevOps.
– New Relic customer, 99designs gives an overview of the infrastructure they use to power their site.
– Developer and architect Chris Richardson shows how he ported a relational database to three NoSQL data stores: Redis, Cassandra and MongoDB.
– Greg Unrein demonstrates how to make Openmix decisions with New Relic data.
– Developer Daniel Kehoe explains how to use Rails 3.2 with Ruby 1.9.3 on Heroku.
– Oracle shares their two-year plan for Java.
– Enterprise Systems shares four things you should consider when selecting a cloud provider.'

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