Community News: How To Use the Cloud to Foster Innovation and More

In this week’s news, we look at how to use the cloud to foster innovation and more.

* Jelastic shares a tutorial on how to use New Relic on their Java hosting platform.

* Engine Yard CEO John Dillon explains how you can use the cloud for rapid-fire innovation.

* Solutions Architect Peter Yorke leads a webinar on how to use New Relic to monitor performance for applications running on the Joyent Cloud.

* Patrick Moran, our own VP of Marketing, asks how much revenue does it take to be a $1B public company?

* CDN Planet describes the best way to test your CDN before it goes live.

* Internet Retailers shows how Google is looking for ways to make the mobile web faster.

* Adam Sherk checks the PageSpeed scores for top 43 news sites and shares which have the fastest page load times.

* Developer Mike Cousins creates a NuGet package to make it easier to get New Relic running in an Azure environment.'

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