Community News: Focus on Latency and Scalability

This week’s edition focuses on latency and scalability with articles from Joshua Bixby, Piotr Kwapin, InfoQ, and more.

* Hear how Words with Friends scaled their backend on Talentopoly’s latest podcast.

* Find out how our customer wooga, the second largest developer of social games, scaled its platform to handle millions of users.

* Software architect, Piotr Kwapin, describes the tools he uses to maintain a fast, high-traffic WordPress blog on an inexpensive server.

* What’s the cost of cutting London-Tokyo latency by 60ms? $1.5 billion

* Google + architect, Ilya Grigorik, explains how to use navigation timing to measure latency from the client’s perspective.

* GigaOm writer, James Urquhart, channels Dr. Seuss in this walk-through of CloudOps.

* Strangeloop’s Joshua Bixby is back with a desktop latency reality check.'

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