Community News: Examining the Performance Poverty Line

In this week’s news, we get performance tips from Joshua Bixby, Ilya Griogrik, Guy Podjarny, and Estelle Weyl.

* Web performance guru Joshua Bixby looks at the performance poverty line and why it matters.

* Ilya Grigorik shares how Chrome hides latency by anticipating your every need.

* Read Write Hacks shows how you can find out which programming languages are most popular.

* Guy Podjarny asks if SPDY, the first real upgrade to HTTP in over ten years, really improves performance.

* Forbes asks how tech firms can attract more women engineers.

* Estelle Weyl shares her slides on Mobile Performance Considerations.

* Google revisits the ten things it knows to be true.

* explains how they’ve scaled their SQL servers to serve over 12 million web pages per day.

* Spanish developer Tony Blyx describes how to use New Relic with Alfresco.

* OReilly’s Mike Loukides explains how the role of Operations has evolved over the years.'

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