Community News: CSS Performance, How to Make a Web Standard & More

In this week’s news, we find out how GitHub solved problems related to CSS performance, learn how to make a web standard, and measure performance in Grape APIs.

* Ars Technica looks at how Team Obama’s tech efficiency left Romney in the dust.

* Steve Sounders conducts an experiment on the perception of speed.

* Artsy shows how measure performance in Grape APIs with New Relic.

* Patrick Meenan explains at why clearing IE’s caches isn’t as simple it seems.

* Chromium Projects tells you how to make a web standards proposal.

* iOS 6.0 has been causing CDN overages.

* AWS shows how to deploy Ruby apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Git.

* Spotify shares how it scales up and stays agile.

* Jon Rohan shows how GitHub solved some problems related to CSS performance.

* The latest HTTP Archive Report shows that average page weight increased 30% in 2012.'

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