Community News: An Overview of WebP, Matz Talks About the Release of Ruby 2.0 & More

In this week’s community news, we get an overview of WebP, Matz talks about Ruby 2.0 and more.

* Spotify shares its manifesto to create alignment and direction for its improvement work.

* Ilya Grigorik has an overview of WebP.

* Kris Gale, VP of Engineering at Yammer, argues the key to building fast lies in small teams.

* In this video from Waza, Matz talks about the recent release of Ruby 2.0.

* Guy Podjarny takes a look at real world Responsive Web Design performance.

* Joshua Bixby asks when it comes to big data, how big is big enough.

* Rich Pareta explains how to get hired into a collaborative engineering team.

* Colin Ihrig discusses the challenges in scaling Node.js applications.

* Etsy’s Lara Swanson explains why website performance begins with design.'

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