Community News: A Journey into DevOps

In this week’s news, we take a journey into DevOps, look at the latest build of Node.js and get five inspiring PHP code snippets.

* CloudFlare explains why you should stop worrying about your time to first byte.

* Timothy Boronczyk gives us five inspiring and useful PHP code snippets.

* In his cookbook, David Joos provides an easy way to install the New Relic PHP agent and server monitor.

* Anders Abel shares what developer really think of operations.

* Matt Callahan gives a description of his journey into DevOps.

* Find out how the latest stable build of Node.js offers higher performance.

* Our partner Tier 3 shows how they incorporated New Relic into the Web Fabric service.

* Stoyan Stefanov shows how to load JavaScript asynchronously without blocking onload.'

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