Community News: A Closer Look at JRuby. Node.js. Pylons, and more

In this week’s roundup, we take a closer look at JRuby, Node.js and Pylons, hear from our partners, and more.

– @Hertling tells how he scaled a web app 1,000x in 3 days.

– Pat Shaughnessy takes us on a journey to the center of JRuby.

– Romiko Derbynew shows how he used New Relic to manage Neo4j app performance.

– Dr. Dobbs looks at Node.js adoption.

– Developer Guillermo Cruz describes how to setup New Relic on a Pylons app.

– RedMonk takes a look at the fragmentation of programming languages.

– SHOPULARITY founder, Jordan Holberg, describes how Joyent and New Relic helped get his business off the ground.

– O’Reilly Radar talks about the NoSQL movement.

– Our partner Engine Yard doubles their year over year revenue.

– Quora asks @SweetLew how New Relic first gained traction.'

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