Community News: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Ruby Could Do and More

In this week’s news, we learn 10 things you didn’t know Ruby could do and more.

* Bryan Hale shows how you can use Chef to add New Relic Server Monitoring.

* Ilya Grigorik describes how you can automate web performance with mod_pagespeed.

* Paolo Iannelli has a tutorial on how to configure Varnish with New Relic.

* James Edward Gray II shares 10 things you didn’t know Ruby could do.

* Ran Tavory illustrates how to use New Relic to monitor your Java applications.

* Stephen Connolly shares how he learned to stop worrying and love New Relic.

* Stephen Ludin explains what HTTP/2.0 is about and what it means to you.

* Graham Dumpleton takes a closer look at the WSGI specification.

* Girish Patangay walks through what a typical release process at Facebook looks like'

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