Community-developed browser plug-ins: monitor Apdex, response time, and throughput, right from your toolbar

We are thrilled to see that some new browser plugins have created by members of the New Relic user community. First up is John Manoogian’s (@jm3) Google Chrome Extension:

“With New Relic for Google Chrome, you can get up to the second app performance stats from your API or web application, without even leaving your web browser. New Relic for Google Chrome uses a securely encrypted HTTPS connection to connect to New Relic’s API and display your app’s performance. New Relic for Google Chrome even supports monitoring multiple apps at the same time, up to 10!”

Next is a Safari extension from Jose Fernandez (@jrfernandez):


Just download the extension and follow the easy setup instructions:

  1. Log in to your New Relic RPM dashboard and click on the Application you want to setup.
  2. Extract the Application and Account ID’s from the URL:
  3. API key can be found at: Account Settings > Api + Web Integration > API Access
  4. Enter your credentials and hit Save.

Awesome work! Keep it up and happy monitoring!'

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