Case Study: Sonatype, the World’s Largest Repository of OSS components uses New Relic to deliver superior service

Founded in 2008 by Jason van Zyl, the creator of Apache Maven, Sonatype is an important part of the open source software (OSS) community. The company delivers innovative solutions that increase developer productivity, improve project management, and reduce business risk. Sonatype is based on two transformative open source innovations: the Apache Maven build system and the Central Repository.

Sonatype’s Central Repository has become the primary exchange for open source Java components or artifacts. It houses more than 300,000 components and receives more than 4 Billion requests each year, making it one of the most accessed services on the web. Over 42,000 development organizations use it per month, including more than half of the Global 2,000 and almost all of the world’s largest financial institutions and software vendors.

An important part of the Central Repository is its publishing and search mechanisms. Thousands of open source projects use Sonatype’s OSS Repository Hosting (OSSRH) infrastructure for publishing their software to the Central Repository. Developers can search for available downloads by using Together, these products form a Java open source ecosystem for projects and developers around the world.

As the use of open source continues to grow, the Central Repository has become an integral part of many companies’ software development and build processes. Any lapse in performance can mean significant delays for thousands of organizations across the globe. Sonatype faced the daunting challenge of monitoring and managing each aspect of their ecosystem. Initially their team was using a combination of tools, including Hyperic, but they still could not see what was going on inside their environment. While they could scrape through logs after something had gone wrong, it was a time consuming process and did not let them discover problems before they affected their users. That’s when they found New Relic.

Once New Relic was installed, Sonatype found they could proactively find performance bottlenecks before problems arose. “We have visibility into what’s going on inside and across the entire ecosystem and that’s let us make a range of performance improvements,” says Brian Fox, Sonatype’s VP of Product Management. “We can monitor our memory profiles so we know when and where we need to add memory to avoid excessive swapping … Using New Relic, we have improved control, insight, and management ability to help ensure that the more than 40,000 companies that access the Repository every month can do so quickly and easily with no problems.”

With no comparable solutions available, Sonatype uses New Relic to monitor all aspects of its Java OSS component ecosystem. They have been particularly impressed with the tool’s Server Level Monitoring feature and deep integration into Java, Lucerne, Solr, and MySQL. As more companies select open source components rather than building their own, New Relic has become essential to Sonatype’s team. Delivering high performance is an ongoing challenge, but one the company can meet with New Relic’s assistance.

Read the Sonatype Case Study for more information on how New Relic has helped Sonatype manage its entire OSS ecosystem.'

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