AWS Re: Invent — Enterprise Ready; Transform and Grow with New Relic

AWS logoAs I stepped into the keynotes on the day of the AWS re: Invent Partner Summit, I knew that New Relic was going to have a great show. The sheer number of visitors who stopped by our booth that evening was amazing. It was great to see so many customers, prospective customers and partners come visit our booth. And the overall experience was a memorable one, particularly given that this was Amazon Web Services’ first conference … but some things became crystal clear to me after attending re: Invent.

The AWS Ecosystem
The AWS executive staff clearly exhibited where things are headed with the Amazon Web Services ecosystem. AWS is investing and readying for the enterprise. And they are investing more into their partner driven business areas — not only to extend their enterprise reach, but to win it with System Integrators (SIs). The discussion around SIs at Andy Jassy’s keynote told me that Amazon Web Services is open for business to the enterprise, which I thought was confirmed with the impressive list of enterprise customers they showed on stage.

Becoming Enterprise Ready
How did AWS become enterprise ready? My guess — and this is only a guess — is that during 2012 (according to the AWS keynote slides), more than 150 new products were released for AWS. Almost double that of 2011. Products and / or enhancements that seem to address the needs of enterprise customers were or are being released this year.

Partners, particularly SIs, are seemingly playing a pivotal role in AWS’s reach into the enterprise market. Amazon Web Services brought up and acknowledged many of their premium SI partners on the stage where they were greeted by cheers and applause from the audience. It’s great to see AWS practices emerge from the SI community. This validates that the cloud for the enterprise is very real and becoming increasingly valuable. Expect New Relic to embrace the System Integrator in 2013 as we move to support SIs migrating apps to hybrid environments needing a quick and easy APM tool such as ours. Using New Relic will ensure that any AWS focused practice is successful with the optimized development, testing and production of apps as they are migrated to a hybrid environment.

Emerging Growth in the Cloud Market
Tiffani Bova, Vice President at Gartner Research, presented some interesting data points about the cloud market and the opportunities for partners. Of particular note, 63% of IT spending is still focused on the ‘Run’ part of the IT infrastructure (probably not a big surprise to anyone reading this post). What I found most intriguing about the Gartner data was the points on emerging growth that Tiffani called out — namely the ‘Transform / Grow’ segments of the IT spend. This in particular speaks to the reasons why customers need and use New Relic.

As enterprises migrate to the cloud, New Relic enhances that migration to cloud / hybrid deployments by ensuring application rewrites or updates are optimally running in an Amazon environment. We also provide optics into the app, which are currently not available with CloudWatch alone. My take away from this data was that New Relic can not only help AWS customers ‘run’ their applications today, it can also help enterprises in the process of ‘transforming and growing’ their businesses by migrating app to the cloud tomorrow, too.

Enhancements to the Amazon Partner Network (APN) were also highlighted. New Relic is now a top tiered APN Technology Partner. And APN is introducing new tools in 2013 that will allow us to do more proactive marketing and best practice sharing.

I can’t wait for an even better re: Invent next year. Bring it on AWS. The ride is just beginning!

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