New Relic Webinar: Using Apdex to Improve Online Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that good online experiences will mean more business, more frequent visits and higher loyalty from your internet customers. But what’s the best way to measure and manage customer satisfaction? Monitoring response times can help, but these metrics can vary across applications and they tend to measure averages, masking individual customer transactions that fall below the average. So what’s an effective alternative?


Join New Relic on August 26 at 13:00 Eastern/10:00 Pacific for a webinar “Using Apdex to Improve Online Customer Satisfaction.” In this 30-minute session, Peter Sevcik, founder and executive director of the Apdex Alliance, will provide an overview of Apdex, an open standard that defines a method for reporting, benchmarking, and tracking application performance. Steve Hudson, an application performance consultant with New Relic, will follow with real-world examples of how to improve customer experiences by measuring Apdex scores in production Rails or Java web applications using New Relic RPM.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone responsible for the success of an internet application
  • Rails and Java application developers charged with diagnosing performance bottlenecks
  • IT operations managers responsible for monitoring application health and availability

Register here.

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