Announcing RailsLab – Free Resources for Adding to your Rails Expertise

Visit RailsLabRailsLab. This is a new site filled with free resources designed to help you learn tips and techniques for improving the performance of your Rails applications.

RailsLab can be found at

We feel that New Relic can play an important role to help grow and support Rails adoption by providing a forum for the best minds in the community to share what they know.

RailsLab will feature focused, short training modules delivered using a variety of media including video interviews, screencasts, coding examples, case studies, and “Masters Interviews” which will feature tips from the leading experts in Rails.

The site will open with a series of screencasts, called “Scaling Rails,” which has been created by Gregg Pollack, an acclaimed expert on Rails development and the co-creator of the popular RailsEnvy website. The Scaling Rails series will contain ten screencasts each providing a specific technique for improving application performance and scalablity. The series will also include three Masters Interviews. Part of the series is available immediately and new episodes will be available over the next few weeks.

You will find episodes on Page Caching, Page Expiration, Page Responsiveness and several more, each with coding techniques and easy to follow explanations from Gregg.

We are very pleased to have Gregg Pollack as our content partner on the inaugural series on RailsLab. We’re sure you will enjoy his presentations.

We also want to acknowledge our first Masters Interviewee – Greg Nokes of Engine Yard. Greg has probably seen it all in terms of app performance and has a lot of useful insights. He gives some specific ideas for developers working on e-commerce sites and for those working on sites with lots of user-generated content. Thanks Greg!

Enjoy RailsLab!'

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