A Look Back at Our Series on the Fallacies of Distributed Computing

A few months ago, we decided to revisit the Fallacies of Distributed Computing to investigate how and if they apply to applications in cloud environments. It’s been an interesting journey and we’ve received more than a few requests to create a summary of the posts. So without further ado, here’s a list of our posts on the Fallacies:

Preparing for the Unexpected – Network Reliability in the Cloud

* Net Lag: The Fallacy of Zero Latency and the Web

* The Bandwidth Dilemma: Exceeding Low Expectations

* Safety First: Everyone’s Insecure about Network Security

* Unexpected Detours: Navigating Variable Topology in the Cloud

* The Downside of Democracy: Mo’ Administrators, Mo’ Problems

* Application Overhead: Data Doesn’t Ride for Free

* Difference Matter: Why the Web is Almost a Great Equalizer


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