Here’s Why 2015 Is the Year of the Data Nerd [Infographic]

It’s no secret that there’s a global data nerd movement underway. Data nerds are cropping up in all areas of the business, from marketing and sales to software development and IT operations. So how might this impact the way we work and deliver products in 2015?

The answers we found are revealed in our latest infographic, and some of them may surprise you. Based on a survey we conducted via email and Twitter at the end of 2014, the infographic shows some key findings that offer a glimpse into how far the data nerd movement has come and where it can take us. (Plus, a widely debated bonus finding Star Wars fans won’t want to miss… for Trekkies though, maybe it’s best you skip it).

For more in-depth analysis of our survey findings, check out “Survey Says! MOAR Data Please,” and be on the lookout for the official survey report coming soon!


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