Why I Love Working at New Relic: Chris Kelly, Developer/Evangelist

Chris KellyChris Kelly recently joined New Relic as our Developer/Evangelist. He has a thirst for learning and extolling the virtues of technology to whoever will listen. He is excited to get to know the folks at New Relic as well as our many customers, partners, and champions outside the company. He can be reached on Twitter at @amateurhuman

NR: What were you working on before you joined New Relic?
CK: In my early days I was a developer/designer working mostly in PHP, but I have been a Rubyist since 2008. And I’ve also been involved with a lot of Ruby community groups, hack-a-thons, and developer events in San Diego, including SD Ruby and the San Diego CTO Forum.

Most recently, I was the CTO for the San Diego Reader, a local weekly publication. We created an ecommerce system for ourselves that we spun out and built into a leading SaaS-based ecommerce platform that served publications in over 20 US markets. It was successfully sold to our largest client.

NR: How did you hear about New Relic?
CK: At the Reader, we knew we needed to build up our monitoring infrastructure. I heard about New Relic from a blog post and was intrigued. We were able to install it easily and quickly got visibility into our code with very little effort. It filled a big hole in our development process and we didn’t have to rely on multiple tools to get insight into our application. New Relic allowed us to focus on building a better product and a better business.

NR: How did you go from New Relic user to New Relic employee?
CK: I met Nic Benders at a local Ruby Meetup. Afterwards, we had a few drinks and I learned more about the company. He was working on some very interesting things, technology-wise. I wasn’t actively looking for a new job then, but I knew that when I made my move I wanted to work for a place that was solving hard engineering problems – both for themselves and for others. New Relic sounded like that kind of place.

I ran into Nic again at Ruby on Ales. After we caught up, he let me know that New Relic was looking for someone to take on a Developer/Evangelist role. I applied for the position and the rest is history.

NR: What are you working on now?
CK: I’m working on building a culture of performance in the software development community. My goal is to get the #WebPerf community to where the #DevOps community is today. There’s so much going on. On any given day, I could be:

* Speaking at and attending Meetups and industry conferences
* Writing about building performant web applications
* Interfacing with customers
* Helping partners teach their customers about the importance of web performance
* Contributing to New Relic core and agent applications
* Building up the New Relic knowledge base
* Participating in open source projects

NR: What events are you participating in next?
CK: In the near future, I’ll be at GoGaRuCo, Cloud Expo and the AWS Summit. You can also look for me at the San Francisco, San Diego, New York, and Austin Web Performance Meetups.

NR: What resources would you recommend for developers who are just getting started?
CK: There’s something for every kind of geek in the two volumes of The Architecture of Open Source Applications. I can’t think of a better way to understand the tools we use everyday than to understand how and why they were built.

So much of the UNIX philosophy informs good design in application development. Not only does Linux Programming Interface cover system programming, it reinforces the principles of UNIX philosophy.

So much goodness is packed into the Riak Handbook: CAP Theorem, Amazon’s Dynamo, NoSQL, Erlang, MapReduce. It is a modern nerd’s playground.

The Food Fight Show is a Chef centric DevOps podcast with an ever more impressive list of guests from all parts of the community.

High Scalability is a great round-up of the on-going discussion of highly available and scalable applications.

If you’d like to be part of talented, enthusiastic engineering team and work in a great startup, visit our jobs page or talk to Chris at an upcoming event.


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