What Makes A Best Place to Work?

Just a couple weeks ago, New Relic was named a best place to work by both The Oregonian and Portland Monthly Magazine. We’re thrilled to be recognized as a top workplace not just at our headquarters in San Francisco, but also for our rockin’ R&D and support office up in Portland. In both locations, we strive to create a workplace that fosters happiness, productivity, and the greatest work possible.

So what’s the secret to creating the perfect #NerdLife sanctuary? For us, the following design principles have proven just the ticket:

– Throw out the hierarchy. At New Relic, we believe that great innovations can only happen when we work as a team—and that doesn’t just mean cross-functionally, but up and down the chain of command as well. Our CEO Lew actively codes alongside New Relic developers and engineers. No one in the company has the coveted corner office. Instead, we use these roomy corner lots as collaborative areas where we can work together in person and virtually across our San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle offices.


– Celebrate teams, not individuals. Since New Relic was founded in 2008, we’ve always strived to create a culture that is cooperative, supportive, and collectively working toward a common goal. We think as a team, suffer a blow as a team, and celebrate our successes as a team. Our lunchrooms are designed with socializing in mind. This way, we can chat with members from various teams and keep a constant pulse on what’s going on throughout the organization.

– Embrace community. When we say we like to work together collaboratively, we’re not just talking with our fellow Relics; we also make a point to get involved with the greater developer and IT communities. To that end, New Relic offices frequently host Meetups and industry meetings, whether it’s Hack Night with Women Who Code or Lunch 2.0.

So the next time we host a community event at one of our offices, don’t be a stranger. Check back to our blog for updates on upcoming events, and stop by to visit!

Morgan Flatley is on the customer marketing team at New Relic. Before making the New Relic marketing team her home, she dabbled in PR for startup tech companies. View posts by .

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