Who Owns Enterprise Software (Webinar)


It’s a Battle Royale: CIOs, CTOs, and CMOs fighting it out for control of software in the enterprise. Who does what, who makes which decisions, who gets the cash, and—ultimately–who’s in charge?

Today’s conventional wisdom seems to favor the chief marketing officer: IDC predicts corporate marketing departments will spend five times as much as IT in the next five years, while Gartner has declared that by 2017, CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs do! Is such a sea change really in the works?

In reality, of course, it’s never as simple as just “who’s going to win?” It’s more about how CMOs, CIOs, and CTOs can learn to work together to successfully implement corporate strategy while still keeping the technology trains running on time.

The solutions involve trends like the consumerization of IT and the emergence of Shadow IT as well as the increasing importance of data and everything-as-a-service options that help marketing professionals access their data directly without necessarily always involving IT.

To find out what’s really going on, New Relic is working with VentureBeat to create an all-star Webinar featuring some of the most influential players on all sides of the issue:

Don’t miss the chance to join them all on Tuesday, June 3 at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific for this free Webinar for a deeper understanding of the drivers of change in enterprise software and how the evolution of C-suite roles is remaking the way enterprises create strategy and make buying decisions.


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