Trulia Makes Home Search Simpler with New Relic [Video]

Since 2005, Trulia has been simplifying home search by working to give home buyers, sellers, renters, and real estate agents everything they need to be successful throughout the entire process. Through its innovative mobile and Web products, Trulia provides home buyers, sellers, and renters with essential information about the house, the neighborhood, and the buying process while helping to connect them with the right real estate agents.

Trulia_Logo_2014At Trulia, data is the lifeblood of the company. The service collects data on everything from neighborhood crime statistics and proximity to the best schools to the home’s sales history, in order to give buyers, sellers, and agents the information they need to make the best possible decisions.

With all this data at their fingertips and playing such an integral role in every interaction, maintaining optimal performance is more important than ever. “We need to keep our environment runTruliaScreenShotning in peak condition to deliver on those expectations,” says Chris Sessions, director of operations at Trulia. So, when a new team member introduced New Relic and his team was almost immediately able to spot issues across their complex systems, Sessions thought:

 “Wow, why haven’t we used this before? This is truly awesome.”

Today, Trulia uses a suite of New Relic solutions, including New Relic APM, New Relic Servers, New Relic Browser, and New Relic Mobile. With New Relic in place, the team has been able refocus their engineering work on new projects rather than just fixing bugs. They’ve touted a reduction in mean time to resolution as well more confidence and greater agility for faster iterations and innovation. Additionally, Trulia’s tech team uses New Relic data to support a unique DevOps model. With New Relic integrated into their workflow, development and operations teams have been able to function more cohesively.

As a technology company focused on real estate, Trulia ultimately sees New Relic as “the voice of the customer,” reflecting the impact of Trulia’s apps and websites on house hunters. Louis Bennett, director of engineering, sums it up best: “New Relic helps us take an otherwise complicated process and make it unexpectedly enjoyable.”

To learn more about Trulia’s use of New Relic and the DevOps approach, watch the video below:

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