Track external service performance with New Relic

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track the performance of web services you rely on? You would immediately know if the performance problem is because of your own code, or a remote service call.

Well, starting today, tracking the performance of external services just got even easier.

Here is an example from our own Pinger application, which we use to monitor your site for downtime (if you enable it).

Our pinger uses these four sites as a measurement of how well the general internet is performing. Yahoo responds slower than the other pages we hit (perhaps because the page we hit is larger or more complicated), and the New York Times site is quite responsive.

If you select…

the drilldown view shows the response time and throughput for that external service. If you find that the services you are relying on are performing poorly, perhaps they should be using New Relic too?

Note the External Services tab is available only to Standard and Pro customers.'

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