Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

2014 has been a very exciting year for New Relic, and much of that energy has been reflected in the New Relic Blog. So the end of the year seemed like the perfect time to recap our top 10 most popular / most influential blog posts of 2014, brought to you by the top-notch New Relic blog team—including Asami Novak, Joy Ma, Morgan Flatley, Thea Lamkin, and many others.

Most Popular Posts

1. 10 Secrets You Should Have Learned with Your Software Engineering Degree – But Probably Didn’t

Far and away our most popular post of the year, Andy Lester’s June list of real-world programming issues that you won’t learn in school was shared far and wide, including Hacker News, Reddit, and thousands of times on Facebook.

2. Android Runtime Performance Analysis Using New Relic: ART vs. Dalvik

In July, New Relic software engineer Jason Snell shared his observations from the Google I/O conference on how Android Runtime (ART) stacks up against Dalvik.

3. Seven Things You Should Never Code Yourself

Another great piece from Andy Lester, this July story pointed out that for everything from parsing HTML to logging frameworks, there are times when it simply doesn’t make sense to re-invent the programming wheel.

7 coding tasks

4. Alerting: New Channel Notification Levels

Back in May, New Relic product manager Nate Heinrich explained how alerting updates can help make your ops life easier by giving you better visibility into the status and health of your Applications, Key Transactions, and Servers monitored by New Relic.

5. Which Programming Languages Are Most Popular Right Now?

In August, author Jake Widman looked at educational data, job listings, and the in-the-trenches experiences of IT placement specialists to figure out which programming languages are most popular. The winners? Java, C and C++, .Net, and Python, depending on the context.

Most Influential Posts

1. How New Relic Used Docker to Solve Thorny Deployment Issues

New Relic software engineers Paul Showalter and Karl Matthias told the real-world story of how we used the popular Docker to solve a thorny deployment problem. Perfect summer reading.

2. Adventures in AngularJS: The View-Controller and Computed Properties

August was a good month for New Relic blogs: Vicente Reig Rincón de Arellano explained how New Relic uses the View-Controller and Computed Properties to simplify and rationalize the process of building applications.

3. Real-World JavaScript Performance Tips

At New Relic, Angular.js is our frontend framework of choice, which has given us first-hand experience tackling huge JS and Angular performance hurdles while improving the application summary table functionality. Katie Miller’s November post offers a peek at what we’ve learned about data binding large amounts of data, garbage collection, and array best practices.

4. Four Things to Love About Python

According to Swedish Python expert Fredrik Håård, the hardest part of sharing this quartet of reasons why he’s so enamored of his favorite programming language was whittling down the list for this June post.

5. How to Make the Leap from Engineer to Manager

Being an effective leader of software engineers is very different than being a great programmer. Kirby Frugia made the transition at New Relic, and in July offered a thoughtful investigation of the changes and how to deal with them.

Bonus: 2014 honorable mentions'

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