Ghosts in the Machine: 7 Spooky New Relic Dashboards

If you take your application performance monitoring seriously, New Relic dashboards can either provide a sense of calm or inspire abject horror (especially on a Friday night). Few things are more frightening than seeing your disk space filling up with zombie processes, after all.

We at New Relic have always enjoyed the “before and after” screenshots our users share to show the problems our tools have helped them identify, and the difference a well-executed refactor or server migration can make.

To get in the Halloween spirit, we rounded up a selection of our favorite “spooky” dashboards real users have tweeted out. Some highlight vaguely terrifying things that are happening in the user’s application, while some take on ominous shapes by pure chance. Still others have been made more horrifying with a creative coat of MS Paint. Hope you enjoy the scare!

The great Eye is always watching


Taylor Swift, we knew you were trouble


“You’re going to need a bigger table.”


The Dark Knight rises


New Relic knows when you’re all shook up


Snake River Canyon: Server Edition


The blog ate my server

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