Quizlet Boosts Conversion Rates with Real-Time Analytics [Video]

Looking to learn a new language? State capitals? Jazz? Or perhaps a frog call? Whatever the subject, the widely-popular online learning app Quizlet is here to help.


Built for students by a student, Quizlet offers powerful, easy-to-use software that helps students learn and teachers teach using basic practice techniques such as memorization and recall of key concepts. The company’s founder, Andrew Sutherland, first built the tool back in 2005 when he was a 15-year-old sophomore trying to learn vocabulary for a high school French class. Since then, Quizlet usage has spread across the globe like wildfire, today attracting more than 20 million users per month, from grade school to grad school.

To offer the very best study tools, Quizlet listens obsessively to its users, reading thousands of feedback emails a week and doing everything it can to improve the user experience—and that includes using New Relic Insights.

The engineering team uses New Relic’s real-time analytics platform to adapt its product to user behavior and preferences. For example, making the Google login button much more prominent after realizing a quarter of logins were coming from Google. Or optimizing its service for older versions of Windows after realizing that it’s the most popular OS among its primarily school-based users.

Quizlet isn’t just using New Relic Insights to better serve its existing user base, however; the team has found it helpful in targeting new users as well. After looking at their Insights dashboard, explains Sutherland, “We immediately had this surprising realization that a lot of our younger users—which are our core demographic—were going through the first couple of pages of the upgrade flow, but were not paying, and that the people who were paying for our premium stuff were mostly older, many of them teacher users.”

Armed with this information, Quizlet changed the way it markets its premium service to better target adult users. And as a result, the company has seen conversion rates increase dramatically. “We’ve come to rely on New Relic Insights so much that we’ve basically stopped using all of our other analytics tools,” says Sutherland.

You can learn more about Quizlet and how it’s using New Relic Insights in the video below:

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