As the year draws to a close and many people enjoy some down time from their often hectic schedules, it seems like the perfect moment to share an inspiring talk from our FutureStack15 user conference last month. The presentation, from the always-ebullient Nick Floyd, offers hints on how to extend that ideal of a calm, happy, fully engaged spirit throughout the busy year, while also doing the best work you’re capable of.

Nick-FloydIn Nerd Life Balance—The Next Generation, Nick eschews mere work-life balance to seek what he calls “work-life awesome.” This approach, which is also the subject of his self-published book “Nerd Life Balance: The Art of Refactoring Life for Awesome,” attempts to incorporate all the important elements of your life into a common, shared experience.

A lead software engineer at New Relic’s Portland, Oregon, engineering headquarters, Nick is trying to help engineers and others “open source life.” He poses key questions (which he calls “Black Holes”), suggests intriguing solutions (dubbed “Dynamos”), and presents some hard-earned wisdom (“be a maker”). Watch the video, it’s less than half an hour long and it’ll make your day—and it might even improve your next year, too! (If you want more, listen to Nick describe his talk in the New Relic Modern Software Podcast.)

You can see all available FutureStack15 presentation videos, including the keynotes, at our FutureStack15 YouTube playlist. We plan to add even more in the coming days and weeks, so subscribe now!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in these presentations are those of the respective speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of New Relic. By providing access to these presentations, New Relic does not adopt, guarantee, approve or endorse the information, views or products discussed therein. The respective presentation speakers have given permission to New Relic to post the content they presented onstage.

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