The countdown is on to the end of the year, and 2018, all bright and shiny, is barreling toward us like a bullet train. While we don’t yet have robots in our homes—wait a minute, we do—just seeing the date “2018” really makes it feel like the future has arrived. Just ask Alexa.

With the start of a fresh, new year, it’s time once again for that time-honored tradition: New Year’s resolutions! We invited the various members of our engineering and related teams (in both our Portland, Ore., and San Francisco offices) to share the resolutions they are making for 2018.

“I resolve to finally blow the case wide open on this ‘serverless’ conspiracy and show it’s actually servers all the way down!” Sean Winters, Technical Support Engineer

“My resolution this year is to understand why I’m building something before I get to the middle and get so confused I have to ask.” —Jennifer Hammond, Senior Software Engineer

“My resolution is to stop using TLAs in the new year.” Rebecca Campbell, VP of Engineering, Platform Engineering

“My goal is to read 12 books this year.” —Rey Abolofia, Software Engineer, APM

“My resolution is to share more plans when they’re only half-baked.” Jonathan Karon, Director of Software Engineering, Platform Engineering

“I resolve to be more aware of the technology and IT buzzwords cluttering our speech, and try to use English instead of jargon as much as possible. At the very least, to explain new jargon and acronyms when used.” Fredric Paul, Editor-in-Chief

“I resolve to finish building my troubleshooting decision tree and adapt it to all New Relic properties (I’m a .NET expert, so I’m starting there).” —Kyle Emblade, Technical Support Engineer

“My resolutions are to improve the integration process between New Relic and AWS; to pass at least three more AWS certifications; and to write at least one public article a month.” Kevin Downs, Technical Partner Manager, Technical Sales

“My resolution is to write more Elixir.” —Marni Cohen, Software Engineer, Platform Engineering

Some responses were a tad more cynical … although given how most of these resolutions tend to go, we might instead call this one “realistic.”

“I want to open a gym called ‘Resolutions.’ It will have exercise equipment for the first two weeks of each year, then become a bar for the other 50.” Phil Weber, Senior Technical Training Specialist

Got a New Year’s resolution of your own to share? The more people you tell, the more likely it is you’ll hold yourself accountable to keeping it (well, that sounds true). Tweet it @NewRelic with hashtag #newyearsresolution.


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