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We’re proud to announce a brand new resource just for you: the New Relic Community Forum. Our Support and Community teams have been hard at work building a lively and inclusive community space for our customers and fellow data enthusiasts. This is a place to get and give advice, ask questions and learn how you can use New Relic to make better decisions for your applications and your business.

Our main goal in building this forum was to bring all the expertise of New Relic employees and our community to your fingertips. To begin with, this means advice from your fellow contributors and New Relic employees across a wide range of topics. Also, whether you’re a freshly deployed new user or a daily transaction tracer, the Forum will help you get even faster support through a killer search functionality and direct access to our support engineers, product managers, and Community team. More for everyone.

New Relic Community Forum

Faster support with the power of search

From a support perspective, our mission for this Forum is to create a living, searchable knowledge base about New Relic products. We believe that the best answer is one you don’t even have to ask for. For that reason we’ve used Discourse, a forum software developed by the founder of Stack Overflow, which provides an experience that puts content and search front and center.

Forum Search

Now, every answer posted in the Forum will help the many additional people who have that same question. We’ve also seeded the forum with answers to common questions we’ve seen for each of our products to get things going.

Everyone will get equal support on our forums — all questions will be answered in a timely manner regardless of account level. Of course, if you have a critical support issue, we’ve still got you covered and will open a support ticket.

Who should use the Forum?

In short: everyone. If you’re passionate about building better software and engaging with other data nerds, this is the place to trade best practices, learn from software vets, and lend a hand to those who are just getting started. And everyone — newbies or vets — will learn a lot about software analytics along the way and get deeper insight into how to use New Relic products.

In addition, those who sign up for a Pro Trial from today on will also use the Community Forum as their primary form of support when that trial expires. That said, we encourage anyone who wants to get more involved in our community to head on over to the Forum and start asking and answering questions.

We’ll be there, too.

At New Relic, we love to learn about what’s important to our customers and how they use our products. The Forum gives us another way to hear directly from you about the challenges you’re facing, the technologies you’re most interested in, and how New Relic fits into your ecosystem.

Our Support and Community teams will be monitoring and participating in the Forum daily. When there’s a question no one else can answer, we will be around to point you in the right direction. If you have trouble telling who’s staff, just look for our handy New Relic titles:

Forum Staff

As an added bonus, we will be moving all of the communities for our beta products to the Forum as well. This means that you’ll have a direct line to the engineers and product managers who are building your products.

How to use the Forum

We chose Discourse over the multitude of other discussion softwares out there because we wanted to build a resource that was a pleasure to use, both aesthetically and functionally. Check out their mission to bring forum software into the 21st century here. Since a lot of you (ourselves included) are concerned with building cutting-edge software, we wanted our choice of forums to reflect that too.

Luckily, this means that our forum is pretty intuitive to navigate and interact with. To get started, just log in using your usual New Relic credentials (or, if you’re not a customer, you can quickly sign up for a free account). Once you’ve chosen a username, you should start playing around to learn how to create a topic, post replies, @mention fellow forum members, like posts, and more — the best way to learn is to start using it. But before you post anything, you should read and familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines.

We’ve broken the Forum up into categories for every New Relic product, as well as a General category for discussion around software analytics, performance monitoring, and other topics relevant to the New Relic community. We also have a Meta category that is just for discussions about the forum itself, where you can report issues or make suggestions to our Forum staff. If a topic doesn’t seem to fit in any of the mentioned categories, it will live in Uncategorized.

Each category will have its own group of contributors, from specialists at New Relic to customers who use that particular product. Again, the best way to get acquainted with the Forum and its categories is to dip your toe in the water by searching for content that interests you.

Join in on the fun!

We’ve been previewing the Forum for about 3 weeks now, and your fellow users are already asking questions and starting discussions there. For a taste, check out our New Relic Insights category, where people are talking about our newest product with engineers, PMs and even our CEO Lew.

Jump into the conversation or start one of your own by trying out the Forum today. If you’re having trouble getting the hang of it or have any suggestions for how the Forum could work better, let us know by starting a topic in Meta. See you there!

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