Modern Software Roundup: Siri Gets Company, Gmail Turns 10, Devs Go Prime Time


Look out, Siri. There’s a new virtual assistant in town and her name is Cortana.

Last week, Microsoft revealed its answer to Apple’s Siri, with a similarly cheeky app that can understand and answer voice commands from users of Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. But unlike Siri for iOS and Google Now for Android phones, Cortana lets developers write apps that can be controlled using the function’s voice commands.

Cortana wasn’t the only intriguing new announcement, however. There have been a number of other updates in the world of modern software, including a few of our own. Last month, New Relic announced its latest browser monitoring features, JavaScript error reporting and AJAX timing; we launched our new real-time analytics platform, New Relic Insights at the Gigaom Structure Data conference in New York; and we launched our new Community Forum, which we hope you’ve already started using.

It’s been a busy month for developers all over. Here’s a quick roundup of software news and stories that piqued our interest over the last couple weeks:

  • Internet Explorer 6 is no more. Yay!
  • Gmail celebrated its 10th anniversary as the first truly mainstream cloud-based service that “transformed the web as we know it.”
  • Google, Cisco, Microsoft, AWS and others announced big plans for their cloud computing businesses, signaling the technology’s continued shift into the mainstream. Yay, again!
  • Superhero.js offered a collection of helpful articles, videos, and presentations to help with your JavaScript projects.
  • New Relic software engineer Shiv Kumar shared a behind-the-scenes account of building New Relic’s Community Forum.
  • HBO’s Silicon Valley developer-centric comedy premieres with positive responses from critics and general audiences alike. The only thing missing was any depiction of the developers doing any actual coding.

*[Image credit: Microsoft]

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