I’m lost without my digital devices and a fast internet connection. Instacart saved me from grocery shopping last weekend, and Amazon delivers most of my drugstore items. Zoom gives me digital connections (and way too many meetings), and Instagram connects me with friends. Anyone working at New Relic knows that all those digital interactions are made possible by armies of developers, engineers, coders, testers, designers, and every other person who makes software dependable.

Our mission is to help you make “more perfect software”—but we know equally well that making more perfect software depends on you and your skill, not just with our platform but with all technology. The responsibility you carry is why we called you heroes at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Serving you and the work you do is what drives everyone at New Relic.

For that reason, we’re proud to tell you about the launch of our developer relations team, called The Relicans. Their whole purpose will be to inspire, educate, and share helpful content, hackathons, events, Twitch videos, and more. Led by our own Jonan Scheffler, they’ve spun up a developer community over at TheRelicans.com where you’ll find the Observy McObservface podcast, focused on observability, software development, and community.

They’re also launching two new podcasts, Launchies, targeting early-career and non-traditional background developers, and Polyglot, offering technical discussions of higher-level language concepts and software patterns, ideal for middle- and late-career developers. But don’t worry, they’ll also be writing for this blog, and we’ll post select podcast episodes here as well.

Until then, we invite you to join our 24-hour livestream from January 28-29.

Charlotte Ziems is a former editorial executive who spent the early part of her career contributing to the growth of many high-tech trade journals. Having worked at a content marketing agency before “content marketing” was a phrase, her career these days focuses on helping B2B tech companies tell stories that matter to their audiences. She is New Relic’s editor-in-chief. View posts by .

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